NuLook Composite Fencing
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Timberlook Fencing

Astrodeck’s Timberlook fencing is a completely new fencing system to Australia using the unique qualities of wood plastic composite materials (WPC) to provide a really good looking solid style fence that will not require any painting or maintenance of any sort. Displays at our warehouse in Redwood Woodgrain and Nautical Grey

The panel boards are 2400 mm between posts and usually 180 mm high but can be built at any height with 140 mm differences by just adding or reducing the number of boards used.

Very useful on sloping ground as this product can even be put underground and it will not buckle or rust.

Termite free, splinter free, rot free and can be sawn just like timber if you need a shorter panel or bay.

Very simple to install by the DIY enthusiast or we will install for you.

This is a so much nicer looking fence to the flimsy tin sheet fences that cover our suburbs. Take a look – you will be amazed.

And no trees felled to produce !

Composite Wood Fencing Perth
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Traditional Composite Fencing

AstroDeck’s Traditional WPC decking boards can be used to build a great looking fence with gaps between the boards of your choice for either visibility or to allow the breeze through.

Either steel or treated wooden posts are used at approx 1000 mm centres to make a really sturdy good looking boundary or division of your property. These traditional boards can be cut, planed or sanded just like timber but without any of the problems.

No knots, gum, splinters and minimum waste.

No painting, sealing or maintenance required.

No trees felled to produce.

Garrison Steel Fencing Perth
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Garrison Fencing

This is the fence to use when you need that extra security for your property. It comes in various heights and styles to suit your taste and a choice of colours with black again being the most popular as it is easier to see through. It is often used to compliment automatic electric gate entrances.

The posts can be concreted directly into the ground or core drilled into a hard base such as concrete or large limestone blocks on retaining walls. Call for a quote.

Colorbond Steel Fencing Perth
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Colorbond Fencing

This is often the choice where neighbours are looking for the cheapest way to define their boundaries and comes in a choice of colorbond colours. The steel posts also can be matching or contrasting colours

Garden soils or gravels should not be put against these fences as they are made of very thin sheet steel.

These fences can also be used in ground or core drilled into limestone blocks.

Wire Fencing Perth
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Wire Fencing

Cyclone or similar wire mesh fencing is a popular budget style fence where high security is not necessary.

It comes either galvanized or plastic coated which helps it fit in to the landscape for such uses as basketball or tennis courts.

Can be installed with or without the barbed wire above the top of the mesh.