Equipment Hire Perth - Skid Steer (Bobcat)
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Skid Steer
(Bob cat)

If you have a large area or have a lot of turf or soil to move you may want to consider hiring one of these for the day. They are super safe as you sit inside the machine and have a roll cage around you.

These will move heaps of dirt in a day and will also help you get your new crusher dust base onto the site and spread with ease. Some experience an advantage or call in that mate who owes you a good turn.

Rate: $300/day

Excavator Hire Perth
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This is such a versatile machine that it is almost always out on site, but if its available and you know how to operate it will excavate, dig trenches, load barrows or trucks and make life a lot easier especially in confined situations.

Rate: $300/day

Ute Hire Perth
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Ford Ranger Ute

An all purpose flat bed I tonne ute that is lovely to drive and easy to load with palette goods or loose materials. Manual gears and economical diesel turbo motor.

Rate: $75/day

Tip Truck Hire Perth
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Hino Tipper Truck

Again a very busy vehicle as there is nothing as handy as being able to tip off that load rather than having to shovel it off either at site or at the tip. Load capacity of just under 4.5 tonnes this means that it can carry almost 3 cubic metres of most materials. LR Truck Licence required and so easy to drive.

Rate: $150/day

Trailer Hire Perth - Large Trailer
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Large 2000kg Trailer - with brakes

This multi purpose trailer will only suit towing with a vehicle with at least 2 tonne towing capacity. Ramps included so you can carry cars or light plant equipment. Solid sides so not a flat bed.

Rate: $100/day

Small Trailer
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Small Trailer 750kg – not braked

This super handy high sided box trailer is only rated to 750 kgs but can carry great volume and can be towed by nearly all vehicles. Has moved many households of furniture, lots of trips to the tip and installed more synthetic turf than I can remember. LED light and super strong jockey wheel.

Rate: $50/day

Other Equipment For Hire

We also hire out a Plate Compactor, Power Broom, Turf Cutter, Leveller and Sand Droppers. Should you require more information about these, visit our sister site